Millennium Communications is Australia's cutting-edge boutique PR and marketing agency, for lifestyle, fashion, beauty, entrepreneur, and hospitality brands.

Cassandra Hili founded Millennium Communications in September 2016. Leading to the birth of Millennium Communications, Cassandra was a successful blogger in the lifestyle space on YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr. With over 250,000 loyal followers around the world, Cassandra was inspiring thousands due to her incredible story. This led to many extraordinary PR opportunities including media coverage on DailyMail and New Idea, ambassador programs and a successful E-Book.

Due to demand, Cassandra then became a freelance content creator and social media strategist for many businesses across North-West, Sydney including Nutrition Station Castle Hill. After establishing herself within the lifestyle industry, Millennium Communications was then born.

Millennium Communications is an agency that wants every kind of business to shine.

We understand the time, effort, and innovation that goes into all aspects of a successful business. Our goal is to support you and your vision and to create the outcome you’re currently dreaming of. By using a combination of social and digital media strategies, media coverage, and reputation management, we can help take your business to the next level.

Our aim as a company is to put your business on the map. We strategise everything from your latest Instagram or Facebook post, to how your incredible product is going to be launched. We pride ourselves on being just as passionate about what it is you do as you are, and take our time to be with you and understand who you are, what your business is, what your product is, and the way in which you wish for it to be represented across any and all public platforms.

We believe that when it comes to getting you seen, there are no rules. We develop and execute unique and seriously creative strategies, that will develop a long-lasting connection between you and your consumer.

Traditional solutions will only get you so far in today’s world. We believe in the new, the cutting edge; the now.


Our Mission

To be a global agency providing an all-around luxury service while creating result-driven campaigns that make an incredible connection between brand and consumer.

Our Vision

To empower and educate our clients through creative approaches soulful campaigns, whilst also encapsulating the engagement of their consumer with stories that create a meaningful connection to their brand.