Do you have a great product, but no one seems to know about it?


As founder of Millennium Communications, I’ve worked with countless startup founders just like you to help get their brands in front of the right people.


I know what works, and what is a waste of your valuable time


Here are my top tips to help you get your product or service in front of your ideal customers without breaking your budget.


  1. Social media influencers can be lucrative – but start with the smaller ones


My largest client, TJ Swim, has become a celeb favourite thanks to social media influencers, but she learned to start small.


Tara Jane, founder of TJ Swim says: “Micro influencers are just as valuable as larger influencers, and will be more willing to collaborate on a ‘contra’ deal (product in exchange for post).”


TJ Swim is one of the consumer brands I work with, and by using social media influencers, founder Tara Jane had her brand seen, without breaking her budget.


  1. If youre working with social influencers – play the long game


Social media influencers in your specific niche are invaluable, but you’ll need to invest a lot of time in the relationship before you get anything back.


Start by offering to gift them your product to test and ask for their feedback


If the influencer loves your product and provides positive feedback, ask them if they would be willing to share a photo of your product with their followers. If they love it, they will usually be more than happy to do so.


  1. Your website needs well-written content


Every page of your website needs to be well written, including the home page and ‘about us’ page. If you’re not a writer, enlist a copywriter or PR pro to help you.


Google’s algorithms pick up everything from duplicate copy to inauthentic content and poor SEO, penalising you by hiding your website on page 5 of Google search results. Keep it simple and write clear, concise content, or get professional help from a freelancer.


You may have the best product in the world, but if no one sees it, your brilliant idea will go to waste.


PR helps you get seen.


  1. Your social strategy needs to be cohesive


If you post personal images on Instagram, but keep your business twitter completely corporate, your customers will find it hard to engage with your brand.


Decide on a clear social strategy, and stick to it. Adding a few pics of a brand’s founder in your Instagram can be great, as long as they’re product and business related.


Developing a clear social strategy can be the most important PR decision you’ll make, so enlisting help from a PR pro like me is a clever long-term move.


  1. Guest posting gets your brand out there


Backlinks to your website or online store are key to helping potential customers find your product, and guest posts are a great way to generate them.


Find websites in your niche, and contact the website owner to see if they need some free content.


If you have a reusable coffee cup company, for example, influencers with websites such as Plastic Free Mermaid may love to hear about ‘the top 5 ways to enhance the life of your reusable coffee cup’ or ‘5 unlikely uses for your reusable coffee cup’ (sippy cup for your little one?)


Getting your brand out there in the world, and your product seen by those who will buy it is the single most important aspect of a small business. Don’t leave it to chance; try the tips above and get a PR pro like me to help you with everything from a small single stage project to a long-term PR plan.


Contact me now to see how I can help your product get seen.